Bunny M Auctions Street Art to Support Black Lives Matter

Street artist bunny M's "The Black Madonna."EXPAND
Street artist bunny M's "The Black Madonna."
bunny M.
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Street artist bunny M, who has been gracing the globe with her street art since 2008, is trying to pull off something rare: turning a longstanding work of un-permitted, wheat-pasted graffiti into a fundraiser.

The piece, "The Black Madonna," was first put up on a door a few blocks east of the Denver Art Museum on East 13th Avenue, near City, O' City, in 2013.

"She is a mysterious entity, ancient and archetypal — one I would not claim to have full understanding of," explains bunny M. "I work with her energy and have gotten to know her better over the years. I believe her to be a healer, capable of working with the emotions of those she encounters, and a keen observer of our plane of existence."

Over the past seven years, passersby have interacted with the work...even marking it up with their own graffiti.

"She is not a fan of face tats," explains bunny M. "Her head is reinvigorated as needed, about fifteen to twenty times over the past seven years, so her essence of strength and emotional wisdom can radiate clearly."

The different faces, painted in acrylic, that have graced her body have expressed various moods. Even her eye color has changed. 

"I had painted her newest head all day on May 24, the day before George Floyd was murdered," bunny M recalls. "I wondered why she was crying. She had never asked to be painted with tears before. After sharing the painting on social media, requests came in for prints, with hopes that donations could be made in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. I am compelled to join the voices demanding the absolute end of racially motivated police brutality, seeing this as a tipping point where real change is a very real possibility, to try to add something helpful in support during this crucial time."

A close-up of "The Black Madonna."EXPAND
A close-up of "The Black Madonna."
bunny M.

Instead of selling prints, bunny M decided to do a random drawing for a giveaway of the painting in which the Black Madonna is crying. The artist also decided to give 100 percent of the proceeds to the organization Color of Change.

"As I researched, I found that Color of Change is aggressively forward-thinking, using a strong online presence and direct tools to push for racial justice, fairness and equality in our country," says bunny M. "Their strategy is suited for this time in our history and speaks clearly to this generation. They are organizing and focusing a problem that is so pervasive, and putting much of the power in the hands of the people across America to come together to fix it."

Donate $25 or more on bunny M's GoFundMe page to be entered into the drawing for "The Black Madonna." The giveaway ends on July 4.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.