Buntport solves a sizzling, real-life crime caper

Buntport Theater solved a sizzling crime caper yesterday when a sheepish kid returned the stolen laptop on which the company kept its mailing list and other vital files.

The theft happened while Buntport was conducting one of its regular Third Tuesday Great Debate. Since this one coincided with the second presidential debate, a third-party candidate, aka actor Evan Weissman, interrupted several times with issues he considered unfairly neglected. What those issues might be in a debate titled "Bacon Versus Wizards" and argued by the winners of two earlier debates -- "Kevin Bacon Versus Bacon" and "Wizards Versus Vampires" -- we're not quite sure. But we do know that while the discussion raged, odes were sung extolling the joys of bacon, Erik Edborg cooked up a strip onstage so that everyone could savor the scent...and the laptop vanished. See also: - Buntport takes on centuries-old entertainment law in the Roast Beef Solution - Buntport's Tommy Lee Jones Goes to the Opera Alone is brilliantly original

Two days later, according to company member SamAnTha Schmitz, a teenager skulked in and said his uncle worked in the building and he wanted his uncle's computer charger. Challenged, the teen vanished and the company called the police.

But the visit had given the Buntporers an idea. They put up posters around the neighborhood that read:

Hey Kid! You know the computer you stole that you can't use? You took it from a not-for-profit company. That sucks. There are things on it that are useless to anyone but us. We would like it back. Bring it to the theater (or have someone else bring it) and we will give you $50 ... NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Hopefully you have the guts and/or heart to do this.

Yesterday, a teen came in with the compute -- apologetic and awkward but definitely wanting his money. "We did gain an Avenger sountrack," says Schmitz. "They left it in the CD player."

There are a few things to be learned from this. For starters, the Buntport folks know how to negotiate hardcore. If you're going to lift a computer, get the charger, too. Bacon really is awesome. And unless the smell alone is enough for you, take your own bacon if you attend the next Great Debate.

Even without the aid of their computer, the Buntporters managed to open their first original show of the season, Sweet Tooth, last weekend. A collaboration with musician Adam Stone, it deals with an eccentric recluse who gets a toothache. The play runs through November 17 at the theater, 717 Lipan Street. For more information, call 720-946-1388 or go to www.buntport.com.

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