Burlesque in an art museum? Si! Performance of the Mask at the Museo de las Americas

The only naked bodies you'd ever expect to see in an art museum are the ones on the wall. But, as intimated by Cara a Cara, the show of folk-art masks currently on view at the Museo de las Americas, things aren't always what they seem.

Just as putting on a mask can be part of a fantasy, so can be taking it all off -- which is why tomorrow night's Performance of the Mask: Burlesque, with veteran burlesquer Vivienne VaVoom, seems to make perfect sense for the Museo. Only one way to find out, girls: Go.

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The evening will begin at 6 p.m. with a ladies-only lesson with VaVoom, who's been teaching the fine art of pastie-twirling and fan-dancing for years, in addition to performing. Afterward, at 7 p.m., she'll demonstrate her moves to a backdrop of live poetry readings by Kaela Martin, Sara Century, Nini Di Lisio and Lady Speech, and trumpet stylings by Joe Tobano.

The class is $15, but it's only $5 to see the show; visit the Museo online for more information or e-mail PR@museo.org to reserve a spot.

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