BurlyCute moving to weekly Humpday nights at Bar Standard

Bender's has been a good home to the BurlyCute crew on and off for the past several years -- but there are big changes ahead for the burlesque darlings headed by emcee and chanteuse Cora Vette (aka Reyna Von Vett). Instead of their monthly Thursday-night shows at Bender's, the crew is moving to weekly Wednesday nights at Bar Standard for the appropriately named "Cora Vette's Humpday Burlesque Show!"

The opening night for this shift is October 12; although there will be themes every month, the shows will be different each week. Vivienne VaVoom, Eve Harmony, Lily D'Lovely and Ms. P. Cocque will shed their clothes weekly, and there will also be special burlesque and boylesque guest stars every week.

Classic burlesque and jazz will be on the menu for October 12; on October 19 and 26, though, "The Return of Zombielesque" will hit the Bar Standard stage. Think stripping zombies -- if you missed last year's show, do yourself a favor and make sure to catch this one.

Following the burlesque show will be a late-night cabaret at 11 p.m., "Cora Vette's Naughty Bits" -- you can expect to hear Ms. Vette signing, well, naughty songs, accompanied by the Arvada Center's David Nehls on piano.

And DJ Chris Fish will wrap things up by spinning dance music until closing time.

General admission tickets are $10, and a limited number of $25 VIP tickets are available at each show -- get three friends together and buy four VIP tickets to get the best seat in the house and a bottle of Nude vodka for your table.

For more information, visit www.coravette.com.

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