Calling all Seinfeld fans: The Geeks Who Drink contest is tonight!

For being a "show about nothing," Seinfeld was a very big something during its glory days on NBC. Tonight at 8 p.m., join Geeks Who Drink, the nationally known bar-quiz crew, at Three Lions Pub for The Contest: The Third Annual Seinfeld Quiz, a night of Seinfeld trivia.

Geeks Who Drink specializes in creating lively quizzes developed by their editor, a six-time Jeopardy! winner, along with a team of writers. The quizzes cover topics ranging from geography to breakfast cereal, from literature to hair metal. Tonight's festivities will be dedicated exclusively to the beloved sitcom Seinfeld, and the writers have mined all nine seasons for trivia gold.

Some sample questions from the past include:

Which unseen character was a cook at Monk's Café and was known for leaving rubber bands in the soup?

What rival comedian had an act that mostly consisted of Ovaltine jokes, and once traded Jerry an Armani suit for a bowl of soup?

Ready to get in the game? Whether you have man hands or a pair of jimmy legs, come try your luck. And even if you are not a Seinfeld neurotic, Geeks Who Drink always sets their quizzes at local bars that serve good food and great beer, making for a winning combo that all can appreciate.

It costs $5 per person to participate with a six-person team and spectating is free (although you'll pay for that food and drink); for more information visit the Geeks Who Drink website.

As a special bonus, here are the answers to those questions: Paco, Kenny Bania.

Good luck!

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