Can Twitter slay I-70 traffic?

We're going to find out when GoI70.com officially launches.

Developed by the I-70 Mountain Corridor Coalition, the site is currently in beta-testing mode, with hopes of unsnarling the assorted traffic jams, jellies, and marmalades that are all too common in Colorado's high country.

When it's done, the site will feature an interactive map with real-time traffic and weather info, plus updates from "Jackrabbits" -- volunteers reporting on the interstate as they see it in front of them. These people will use their smartphones to type up updates on exactly how awful the traffic is out there, or if there's construction or a lane closure or a crash or a blizzard or anything else in the need-to-know category. In turn, the GoI70 social network will be able to read all about it on Twitter.

Whether this social-media approach can do anything about the hordes of SUVs and Subarus at the usual rush hours remains to be seen. People could actually stagger their drives by using common sense in place of an iPhone. But they don't. (They're usually too busy screwing around with their cell phones to remember simple rules of ski commuting.)

I, for one, am going to keep on avoiding the drives up on Friday evening and Saturday morning and the return trip on late Sunday afternoon, no matter what my phone tells me to do.

H/T: Summit County Citizens Voice

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Eric Peterson