Can't make it to Denver Big Air? Cityvids has your back

In less than a week now, the scaffolding will be erected and the snow packed onto the 101-foot ramp that's been going up for the last week or so in Civic Center Park, allowing a generous handful of world-class skiers and snowboarders to launch themselves to preposterous heights in the middle of town at the aptly named Denver Big Air. It's kind of a big deal -- the event's had its home in previous years in the kind of cities you don't sneeze at -- but we also understand that not everybody can make it. Not to worry.

The event, of course, takes place on a school night, and you might just need your beauty rest. More at issue, though (as we've pointed out before), is the prohibitive ticket pricing -- sure, they lowered a two-night pass from $100 to $80, but who can afford that? If you've got a high perch and a pair of binoculars, you could probably make that work, too, but that's kind of a lot of hassle. Still, you don't want to miss out on seeing your city reppin' like the O.G. of winter sports it is.

That's where Cityvids, a local website devoted to capturing the best of Denver culture on video for those who missed out, comes in -- and happily for you, they've promised to be at Big Air and bring it home to you, so you hardly have to lift a finger.

In the meantime, Cityvids brings you the ramp going up in creamy hi-def:

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