Captain America: The First Avenger is this week's most ridiculous trailer

There's an element of slavish worship to any superhero myth, but that's particularly true for Captain America, a WWII-era propaganda comic that took a sickly young man who just really wanted to fight those damn Nazis and made him into the pinnacle of the American ideal -- which is, of course, a 'roided up war-machine in a red-white-and-blue lycra suit. Now, because interminable, ambiguous wars with no clear objective are for pussies, we are privileged to welcome back the Cap'n into our popular consciousness equipped with Adolf Hitler as his foil -- every hero needs a villain, after all, and plus, comic-book-origin flicks are totally hot right now with nostalgic Gen-Xers, all of whom are expected to walk out of theaters and immediately vote Republican.

It's hard to argue that, like pretty much every cinematic effort Marvel has been cranking out for the last decade or so,

Captain America: The First Avenger

looks like a pretty engaging flick. But it's also hard to argue that it lays on the nationalism pretty thick -- the "new breed of super-soldier" thing actually comes off pretty sinister within the context of the ensuing years of American warfare. But then again,

Captain America

is not exactly inviting us to consider the context, either.

Where this trailer gets bizarrely fetishistic, though, is right about at its halfway point -- at exactly 1:28, in fact, when our spunky hero emerges from his not-so-subtle cocoon like he just spent the last year at Goldberg's Gym. Did the tech guy just check him out under his shades like he was 2 Live Crew at the beach? Yes, he did, and as we all know, that means only one thing: Captain America is about to start getting all the chicks.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.