Capture some sick footage, dude: Rent your own HD helmet cam!

Have you been watching ski porn type videos on You Tube featuring big air and tons of pow and wondering how they get that footage? Modern helmet cams, which also usually have an attachment mechanism for those riders and skiers who prefer to go sans lid, have come down in price. At the SIA show, helmet cam manufacturer GoPro got a lot of attention for the eye-catching videos shot by surfers in the pipe and skiers and boarders hucking cliffs. At $300, the GoPro is fairly affordable. However, if you don't have the scratch to buy one, there is a solution, in the form of eMotionCam.

eMotionCam launched this year, and offers rentals of HD helmet cams in select locations throughout the U.S. The helmet cam is the ContourHD, made by Seattle-based VholdR. Rental cost is just $35 a day, though you have to put up a credit card number for the $300 deposit. They make it painless too, with rental kiosks located in stores, so that process is automated. The eMotionCam, like the GoPro, uses the H.264 codec and can record up to two hours of video. When you are done shooting, return the helmet cam to the kiosk and download the footage to a microSD card, USB stick, or data DVD.

Video quality on the unit looks very good, and the 135 degree angle of view gives great wide-angle shots of the mountain and uses directional lasers to get better videos. The eMotionCam ContourHD records in 720P HD quality and weighs a mere 4.3 ounces.

As a bonus, the kiosks will stay open in the summer, so mountain bikers and rock climbers can also take advantage of the deal.

In Colorado, the rentals are available at Aalta Sports in Vail and Beaver Creek, Rebel Ski and Bike in Breckenridge, Frisco, and Copper, Lonestar Sports in Breckenridge, and Ski Base in Vail. You can also rent one at Jackson Hole Mountain Sports and at locations in Mammoth, Heavenly, Squaw Valley, and Kirkwood.

Check out the eMotionCam website for demo videos shot with the ContourHD. Now go record your own sick vids and post them on You Tube, so we can link them back here!

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Candace Horgan