Carrie Bradshaw: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Although this look would probably fly in Aspen, it makes me glad that Denver isn't as trendy as New York and the women here know better than to wear mangled fur with bad boots and a top knot. I do have to defend this with the fact it was from season one.

The flower pin was one of the biggest trends to come out of the show. I personally think flowers should be saved for prom or Hawaii or graduating from, say, gardening school...but I love it on Carrie because it summed up who she was.

God. Ew. This is one those outfits that even a coked-up runway model couldn't pull off.

This was one of my favorite looks simply because it was so fitting of her situation at the moment. I mean, when my Russian artist boyfriend flew me to Paris to live in a hotel, this is exactly what I wore. And she has a hatbox, which is the single best piece of luggage that no one uses.

This picture was taken at the London premiere of the movie, and I had to include it in my favorites. Sarah Jessica Parker is the only person in the world who could pull this off, and I think that is because she was representing Carrie that night. It is a branch coming out of her head, and probably cost more than we all make in a month, but it is a throwback to that free spirited carefree attitude that Carrie instilled in people through her style.

- Rossy Kay

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