Carry all resort maps on your phone

Earlier this month, Eric Peterson wrote about a new iPhone app that turns your phone into a virtual reality display of the ski resort. The video demonstrating its function makes it seem pretty high tech, but it also looks a lot like info overload.

Most skiers, however, do like to have a trail/resort map with them so they know what trails they can hit or how to meet up with friends at a specified time. If you have an iPhone or an Android-powered phone, a cheap, $1 app from Clearlogic is available with trail maps for over 400 resorts worldwide, including most of the Colorado resorts. Now you don't have to remember to grab a trail map at the ticket window -- as long as you have your phone with you.

The app is pretty slick. The maps are stored and saved to your phone, so you can call them up even if cell service on the mountain is spotty. The maps have a zoom function and many have a base area map as well. There are also group maps for similar areas, so you can access all four Aspen resorts from the one Aspen map. The info also includes the phone number, URL and map location on Google Maps.

The resorts are searchable by name, state and country, and you can store as many on your phone as you want. Just interested in Colorado resorts? No problem: Save those resorts to your SD card.

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Candace Horgan