Casa Bonita is real! And it has a Facebook page!

Sometimes, we take for granted the fact that Casa Bonita exists in our town. Once upon a time there was a second location in Oklahoma, but as it now stands, only Denver is lucky enough to have a miniature Mexican village in a strip mall that smells like a swimming pool and serves up plates of processed cheese food daily. Recently, we discovered that our favorite restaurant has made some awesome promotional videos about its amazing cliff divers, instantly making our lives easier -- because now our friends from out of state will believe this place actually exists.

In this series of clips, Casa Bonita's own professional cliff divers talk about their jobs and stuff, while showing off the beauty that is the indoor waterfall. We can only hope that more videos will surface that detail what stuff looks like behind the scenes, and what, exactly, is at the bottom of that seemingly never-ending pool.

Something else that makes us happy? The fact that Casa Bonita has its own Facebook page. Now you can be friends with the place that may or may not have given you diarrhea last time you visited.

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