Cat's Guilty Pleasure of Summer Reading

Cat's Guilty Pleasure of Summer Reading

It's the middle of summer, and all Cat wants to do is lounge on her porch with a book and some iced tea. So it would seem that all we're going to talk about today is Cat's new stash of summer guilty pleasures. First there was Fashion Kitty, then there was Tim Gunn's new book, and once she finishes Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (yes, she'll be in line at midnight), there will be Kate White's new mystery, Lethally Blond.

Yes, yes, this is the Twinkie of summer reading. Cat accepts and admits her weakness. But how can she not love a trashy novel by the editor of Cosmo? One whose protagonist is female journalist who writes crimes stories for a glossy women's magazine? There's death, intrigue, a love interest, style conundrums and even a bitchy editor. Woohoo!

Plus, after just a few months being out, you can already find it cheap at used bookstores and in Amazon's used section. Cat is a firm believer that you pay top dollar for all things good and substantial -- be it fashion or literary -- but save money on trends and fleeting delights.


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