Cat's Newest Accessory

Cat's Newest Accessory

Sorry Cat was incommunicado yesterday, but she had a good excuse: She rescued a stray pit bull off the streets of Denver and is now trying to find him a home.

Driving past her office, Cat found this dog tied up to a parking lot fence. She stopped to check it out since the location seemed odd. Not a lot around. Anyway, he had no tags or anything and looked to be abandoned. Cat asked the construction workers across the street if they knew anything about him, and they said they'd found him running Broadway earlier in the day. They tied him up in case his owner came back.

Well, a pit bull tied up in Denver is a bad, bad thing since they are illegal. Any pit bull-looking dog -- not just pit bulls -- are banned and will be killed if they come into Animal Control's posession. So, Cat figured she had to get this darling off the street. And quick.

Plus, he's not neutered, so Cat will be getting him snipped immediately. It breaks her heart to think about what his fate could be if he'd been found by the wrong people. Instead, Rufus is living with Cat while she tries to find him a good home. Good with dogs and cats. (He let my cat rub all over him and lick him on first meeting; he let my other cat attack him with out doing anything but hop back and look hurt.) No experience with children. Drop a comment if you're interested in finding out about more about Rufus.

Plus, there's nothing more fashionable than a proudly walking a rescued dog.

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