Celebrate Halloween with Werewolf Radar at the Dairy Center

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There's an autumnal cornucopia of entertainment choices on All Hallow's Eve, including something special for comedy fans. Boulder's Dairy Center for the Arts has rapidly expanded its comedy programming calendar, making room for such unique events as the Halloween comedy showcase hosted by paranormal podcasters Werewolf Radar. The line-up features comedy performances from event organizer and standup James Gold, Ben Hutcherson, Aaron Urist and Eric Henderson, with a headlining set from WWR's own Jordan Doll. And after the performances, the Werewolf Radar crew will gaze into the hilarious abyss for a live podcast recording featuring a super-secret guest from the paranormal field, which should appeal to comedy nerds and ghost hunters alike. While Halloween is traditionally a busy night for paranormal investigators, the event begins at 8 p.m. -- well before peak ghost-hunting hours.

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A few short months ago there was a serious dearth of comedy showcases for local performers in Boulder. But since up in March, the Dairy Comedy Showcase has been going strong, earning this show's prime holiday stage time. "The comedy events here at The Dairy have been going well," says Gold. "We've got an official sponsor now -- Twisted Pine Brewing Company -- and we've got shows booked all the way up to May. The comedy scene in Boulder was once a smoldering heap of rubble, and now it's a living, vibrant thing. Shows are popping up all over the place."

Indeed, the Halloween show is the second evening of comedy at the Dairy this month, though Gold believes it will be unlike most other comedy shows. "One of the things I'm most excited about for this show is the fact that Werewolf Radar is going to be doing a live podcast recording. It's not something the Dairy has done before, so we're thrilled. Jordan has this idea to do an interview with a mystery guest. I won't ruin the surprise, but let's just say it's going to be wonderfully ridiculous."

After the comedian's set, the hosts of Werewolf Radar will conduct a brief interview. The entire evening will be mixed, edited and released next week on their website.

Live podcast recordings can be a mixed bag for entertainment value; unless the podcasters know how to adjust their discussion to a stage setting, it can be a dull evening for all involved. Fortunately, Werewolf Radar is hosted by seasoned comedians Nate Balding, Roger Norquist, Sam Tallent and Doll, all of whom have quips at the ready to prevent lulls and meandering. "We know the difference between something people would want to watch and something people would want to listen to," says Doll, whose storied Arguments and Grievances performances attest to his stagecraft.

"Whereas we can get away with just letting our minds and ideas wander with the pre-recorded stuff, then fox it up with the magic of editing," Doll continues, "the live show has to be more engaging, both visually and on the content side of things. A little more planning needs to go into a live show; we have to have more going on just to get people involved and make them glad they came to see us. I think listening to a podcast that was recorded live should make the people listening at home later on think, 'Fuck! I should have gone to that!'"

The fun starts at 8 p.m. Thursday, October 31 at Boulder's Dairy Center for the Arts. Visit The Dairy's website for tickets.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.