Celebrities on bikes: Ten best costumes at last night's Denver Cruisers ride

The Denver Cruisers have been known to get wild and wacky on their weekly Wednesday rides. (On their website, however, they will warn you: The group is not intended for hook-ups.) Last night's celebrity theme brought out the troops once again, this time in easy-to-recognize (and occasionally, impossible to peg) costumes mimicking their favorite icons. Westword photographer Brandon Marshall caught up with them to document the scene. Can you recognize these famous faces?

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10. Winnie the Pooh 9. Princess Leia 8. Marilyn Monroe 7. Avril Lavigne Click through for more photos. 6. Gilligan 5. Janis Joplin 4. Sarah Palin 3. Gwen Stefani

Click through for our top choices.

2. Hunter S. Thompson

And the winner is ...

1. Jessica Rabbit Let's take a closer look:

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