Cheap and Chic Friday September 21

I am all for individual expression, but there comes a point in a fashionista’s life when she must put her well-manicured foot down and say no. No more teeny, tight, stone washed shorts, white tights with lace on the bottom. And please, for the love of Christ, put the Lycra down. Yesterday, I decided to venture out and restore my faith in Denver’s fashion sense. It was not an easy quest, my friends. I was beset on all angles by atrocious outfits. Everything was cinched and tucked in all the wrong places. And women weren’t the only violators.

FYI guys: Bluetooths (Blueteeth?) are not an accessory; stop wearing them as though they were. I was on the verge of going home, locking myself in my closet and calling it an evening, when I saw her. Sleek, chic, simple, perfect. Standing outside of Earl’s on 16th and Glenarm: Kristin, a wine dealer from California, had put together the perfect happy hour outfit. She was wearing a figure-flattering, cotton, black, button-up shirtdress from Express. I found a similar dress at on sale for $54.99. Kristin bought her black, open-toe, sling back shoes at DSW. I would have gone with a high stiletto, but to each her own. She offset her black ensemble with a bright orange bracelet from a gift mart in Atlanta and a large oval necklace she purchased at, where else, but a String Cheese Incident concert. The perfect fashionista in a sea of overstated hookers. Simple and clean, nothing dramatic. With a restored sense of hope, I ventured into Earls and bang, another lady slammed me with her understated, but perfect fashion. Judy, a lawyer from Chicago, was sporting a wide, patent leather belt high on the torso. She flawlessly placed a sleeveless, scoop neck, light grey sweater from Banana Republic over a $5 t-shirt from Target. I found a similar v-neck on for only $29.99. Judy made the most of the end of summer by still rocking the ankle length, black pants. She complimented her outfit with simple silver bracelets, and an oversized faux pearl necklace. Last, but certainly not least, she completed her wardrobe with Nine West, open toed, patent, faux croc pumps. Although, I was unable to find a perfect match, they do have an appealing and similar Greto pump on for $120.00.

I was a little concerned that both ladies were from out of state, but I am confident that if we have women gracing our Denver streets with their keen fashion sense, maybe a little of their couture will rub off on the fashion challenged.

You don’t have to spend million dollars to look fabulous ladies. Just make sure it fits. Style is like sex. If you don’t take the time to do it right, it’s cheap and unsatisfying. -- Stephanie March

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Sean Cronin