Cheap and Chic Monday Part 1: Fashions For Less Than $100

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But, if you're more like Cat, who hates, hates, hates to shop (all the bad lighting, in and out of clothes, surly salespeople, etc.) there's plenty to snag online, too. And from lots of little indie places. Starting today, on Mondays Cat will feature some of the best sale options under $100 -- from both local shops and national sites.


Top, left to right: 1. Bell Dress by April May from Noisette $230 was $289 (okay, more than $100, but it was sooo cute!)

2. Scott Apparel Brown Babydoll Tank dress from Plasticland $35 was $49

3. Cris by Daniblack from Piperlime $104.99 was $140

4. Retro Tunic from Forever 21 $17.80

Middle row, left to right: 1. Chevron Striped Hoodie from Tulle $41 was $82.50

2. Stretch Linen Skirt from Tulle $40 was $57.50

3. LaRok Dress from shopbop $110.60 was $158 (also in black)

Bottom row, left to right: 1. Chicken T-shirt from Frolik on 32nd $38 (No online sales; visit them at 3715 W. 32nd Avenue in Denver)

2. BCBG Zoltin from Strut (Online shopping coming; for now, visit them at 3877 Tennyson Street in Denver)

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Amy Haimerl