Cinema Geeks didn't win the top prize at AR.Drone festival, but you can help them win second

Cinema Geeks, a Denver-based group of filmmakers, traveled in time for a chance to win $10,000 in the International AR.Drone Film Festival, but returned to the present present empty-handed...for now. "Alas, we did not win, but the response from the audience and competition judges was really great," says director and producer Brad Stabio.

And while the judges got to pick the $10,000 winner, the second place prize is up to the viewers.

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A YouTube showdown is now under way, and the team whose film is viewed the most will win $1,500.

Ten teams from around the world were chosen to compete in the festival, including Denver's Cinema Geeks. The crew had ten days and three AR.Drone 2.0 quadricopters to produce a 2.5 minute film.

With those limits, Cinema Geeks created Ouranos, a comedy in which the main character gets sent back in time by the quadricopter after its struck by lighting. That entry, along with nine others, was judged by a panel in Paris on November 6, and the Geeks struck out.

But they're not down and out entirely. Their film is now on YouTube and competing for second place. The movie with the most views by December 7 will take the $1,500 prize. Viewers who like and comment on their favorite films will also have a chance to win Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 each week.

Visit the A.R. Drone Film Festival 2012 YouTube playlist to view all the films and vote for your favorite.

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