Climb Every Mountain

Dashboard Confessional frontman Chris Carraba's been touring in support of his band's latest, Alter the Ending, and he's taking that title literally: Today he's asking his fans to hike to the top of Pikes Peak to join him at 14,110 feet for the Love Hope Strength Foundation's Pikes Peak Rocks concert and to register for the foundation's "Get on the List" bone-marrow registry to save a stranger's life while they're at it.

"When you get your driver's license, you should sign up to be an organ donor. When you go to a concert and see our tent, you should give us some saliva and get on the list, potentially becoming a living donor," says Shannon Foley, the foundation's director. "What's the coolest thing you could possibly do with your life? Save someone else's life.”

Foley's crew has hit every Red Rocks concert this summer, as well as other high-profile events. "In the last year, we've signed up more than 5,500 people for the registry, and we've found more than thirty matches,” he says.

The climb begins at 6 a.m., with a performance by John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light along the way. Registration is $79 at and includes meals.
Fri., July 30; Sat., July 31, 2010

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Colin Bane
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