Colin Michael Day on The Loneliest Road in America, stardom and avoiding getting stabbed

A couple of years back, University of Denver grads Mardana Mayginnes and Colin Michael Day set out from Denver and headed to Los Angeles to chase the dream of making it big in the film world -- and now, they return to accomplish that goal with a film about that trip...sort of. For The Lonliest Road in America, their first feature film, which they co-wrote and produced together (Mayginnes directs and Day stars), the two used their Denver-to-L.A. road trip as a template for the story of three characters taking their time and exploring the desolate Nevada stretch of Highway 50 from which the film takes its name, and where it was all filmed on location. The resulting movie, which premiered last year in L.A. and has been making the rounds of the small-festival circuit, is getting its first Denver screening tonight with appearances from both Mayginnes and Day. In advance of that, we caught up with Day to chat about the film, the original road trip and almost getting stabbed by a drunk archeologist.
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Jef Otte
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