Colorado comedian Lori Callahan sticks it to the Mormons

Even though we may have made the "wrong assumption, wrong conclusion" about the onslaught of "I'm a Mormon" billboards across the state, comedian Lori Callahan still sees a correlation. She can't help but think that as the election draws closer, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's faith has a lot to do with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint's advertising, and in response, Callahan has begun her own campaign -- the appropriately titled "I'm NOT a Mormon."

"I have no idea where the South Dakota accent came from," Callahan jokes of the character in the video, but adds that a midwestern housewife-type seemed to fit the anti-"I'm a Mormon" clip.

"To me, it feels like a cult," Callahan says of the LDS Church, going on to say that the sketch was created not only in response to recent advertising, but from previous experience working in comedy clubs in Utah. "If you're not a Mormon, they treat you horribly."

Callahan stresses, though, that she's not necessarily about mocking others' faith, but more calling out the hypocrisy in sects still practicing polygamy. Callahan plans to write and produce more "Not a Mormon" sketches as 2012 election coverage speeds up, and delve deeper into the notion that the diverse "face" of Mormonism portrayed in the LDS Church's ad campaign just doesn't seem accurate.

But for the record, Callahan says there is one type of Mormon she does like -- those of the "Jack" variety. Drink up, Jack Mormons!

Not sure how you feel about Mormons? Read more in our "shallow but helpful but guide to see if you should hate them or not."

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