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Reader: As an Art Teacher, I Think the Mask Challenge Is Great

Reader: As an Art Teacher, I Think the Mask Challenge Is Great
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Governor Jared Polis has been touting the Colorado Face Mask Design Challenge for kids, a "fun and optimistic" thing that Coloradans can do in the face of a global pandemic.

Kyle Harris doesn't buy it. "Yes, kids, pandemics, and your worries — about dying family members, out-of-work parents and all of those scary people wearing masks because if they don't they might die (or kill someone else) — can be processed in a fun and optimistic way, thanks to art," he writes in his critique of the face-mask challenge.

But readers think that Westword's culture editor has been spending way too much time alone, reading into things that are indeed fun and optimistic. Says Sorrel: 
Wow. It’s just a productive/maybe fun activity for parents to give to their kids right now when they’re stuck at home and trying to juggle work/parenting/teaching. This article is reading way too much into it.
Adds Scott: 
This is one of the stupidest articles I’ve ever read, and it’s laughably overwrought bad writing: “Kids are being recruited to make things that stink smell better by covering them up with perfume. That is the foulest function of art.”
Notes Holly:
 Whoa! I didn't know Westword hired my eight-year-old to write for them!
Comments Eliz:
 Sounds like someone is just bitter they have to help teach their child. I think this is a great way to promote creativity and individuality amongst children during a time where they may be reluctant to wear masks or feel dampened by the overall sense of fear tied to masks that they have no investment in.
Suggests Jordan:
 Geezus. This guy must be fun at parties.
 And Zack concludes: 
As an art teacher, it's actually a great idea. Provided the proper context and freedom to express their own feelings.

I'll tell you what, you don't tell people how to teach/raise children. We won't tell you how to write shitty articles.
 Okay, then. You can read Kyle Harris's piece here; learn more about the Colorado Face Mask Design Challenge here.
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