The Colorado Festival of Horror comic books are now available.EXPAND
The Colorado Festival of Horror comic books are now available.
Jolyon B. Yates and Gerhard Kaaihue

Bleed Between the Lines With These Adult-Themed Horror Coloring Books

When asked to create works for a horror-themed coloring book to raise money to help promote the inaugural Colorado Festival of Horror, artists responded in downright frightening numbers.

More than 200 artists sent in over 400 submissions. Festival organizers culled those to around two dozen works for the first book and are now planning future editions, all to support the event.

"As with so many first-year festivals, funding is essential," notes founder Daniel Crosier.

The team behind the fest, which includes Jeanni Smith and Dwight and Lisa Thompson, wants to fill a hole in Denver's con scene, where everything from anime to comic books has representation, but horror seems to be lacking.

The popularity of the coloring-book endeavor surprised Crosier, as he explains in a campy, blood-drenched video promoting the group's new Indiegogo campaign.

The festival is attempting to raise a modest $2,000 for the event launch, and the coloring books will be the big reward for backers. Printing them will cost an estimated $1,800; artists have donated their time and materials to the project, and as thanks will be sent ten comic books to sell or give away.

Ultimately, the comic books will be sold at the festival's website and such local stores as Mutiny Information Cafe, where the organizers have been hosting events. 

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