Colorado Inside Out's Time Machine Makes More History

Every year, Colorado Inside Out — the weekly public affairs roundtable discussion on CPT12 — takes a break from the usual business for the July 4 weekend. But that doesn't mean the hard-working crew is taking it easy. In fact, sound engineer/producer Larry Patchett and the rest of the staff spend much of the year creating the show that runs during that off week: a trip in the Time Machine with the panelists playing characters from the past — some imagined, some real — with producer/host Dominic Dezzutti leading the historic conversation.

And that work pays off big-time: On Saturday night, the 2015 time machine trip to 1940 won a regional Emmy...again. "It was a fabulous night for CPT12.org at the Heartland Emmy Awards," says Patchett. "The station took home Emmys in two categories. The American Graduate Team took home Emmys as well. Check out the hard work every one at 12 puts in to make an expedition in the Time Machine possible. You will not find many stations left in America where the people who run the cameras, do sound and lighting, floor direct or keep things moving in the control room, pitch in to build a set that will make the show believable. Everyone at CPT12.org wears many hats. We do so in part, because we have to but we also do so because we enjoy stretching the envelope from time to time."

You can see that envelope-stretching Emmy Award-winning 1940 show here. And my apologies to Emily Griffith, the groundbreaking educator I play in the show.

You can also see this year's time-machine show that first aired earlier this month, a trip back to 1876, on cpt12.org.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.