Colorado's eMperfumes makes a scented splash at the Teen Choice Awards

Over the past decade, Denver has shown that it's a city where independent entrepreneurs can thrive. And in this successful climate, the women behind Colorado-based company eMperfumes smelled opportunity. Tired of the retail grind, FolieM President Kristin Clift and friends Roxanne Maine, Avery-Lynn Osborne and Jessica Stone (a later addition) launched eMperfumes, a line of four custom-crafted scents now available in independent boutiques across the country.

This Thursday, the company's founders will head to L.A. to celebrate the inclusion of their fragrances in this year's Teen Choice Awards festivities. Ah, the sweet smell of success!

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Starting with a series of homemade, chemical-free scent concoctions, the women of eMperfumes took a trial run of four fragrances to the Mall of America earlier this year. The response to those original perfumes led to a complete revamping of all but one. Once reformulated using only essential oils, water and perfumer's alcohol, these now-signature scents -- eMpowered, eMmoral, eMpulsive and eMpassioned -- became the staple of eMperfumes.

From its inception, eMperfumes desired to be more than just a fragrance company: Through its charitable "Five for FeMme" arm of the business, 5 percent of the annual revenue goes to organizations working for women. Denver-based Dress for Success and the Center for Women's Education and Employment, as well as the national Alternatives to Domestic Violence and the Polaris Project, all benefit from eMperfumes' yearly donation. "The four of us run it, and we wanted to do more and give back," explains Stone.

Though the Teen Choice Awards are officially on Sunday evening, eMperfumes has been invited to the pre-awards festitivities that start tomorrow. Stone sees it as a chance to not only introduce the company's product to the next generation of fragrance wearers, but also to share eMperfumes' mission of empowering women.

For more information on the company, including where to buy eMperfumes, visit the perfumer's parent company FolieM's website.

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