Come On Down

Calling trivia masters, puzzle-solvers and fun-lovers of all types. There’s a new game show in town: [email protected] Jones presents Wheel of Misfortune, billed as “the scariest game show ever.”

“Actually, it’s not really a parody of Wheel of Fortune at all,” says Off-Center co-curator Emily Tarquin. “It’s more like a mash-up of all game shows, combined with our sick minds, on a low budget.”

Off-Center will pre-screen audience members as they enter, choosing nine to compete in a mini-game whose winners will go on to compete in the game show, hilariously hosted by Emily K. Harrison and Bruce Montgomery. There will also be a costume contest. “We want people to dress up in Let’s Make a Deal style,” says Tarquin. “We have an amazing creative team working on this, and a cast that was born to be on a dark parody of a beloved game show. It’s probably going to be the best time ever.”

Wheel of Misfortune starts tonight at 8:30 p.m. at the Jones, in the Denver Performing Arts Complex (doors open at 8). Tickets are $15 and available at or by calling 303-893-4100. A second show will take place at the same time on Friday, November 1.
Fridays, 8:30 p.m. Starts: Oct. 25. Continues through Nov. 1, 2013

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