Comics for a Cause

Comic books have always been an inspiration to graphic artist/photographer Marc Hughes. “Growing up,” he says, “comics were a big part of my art research. I followed artists and writers through the different books they drew and wrote, and it got me interested in different aspects of art and science and history. It got me to think outside of the box on different things.”

Four years ago — motivated by a growing stack of comics he couldn’t bear to toss or give to an ARC thrift store (where he worried they’d never again see the light of day) — Hughes and a friend began the “I feel the need…the need to read” Comic Book Drive, hoping to inspire creativity, imagination and knowledge in other kids and young adults. Since then, he’s collected more than 2,000 comic books and nearly 100 graphic novels for youth at Warren Village (a non-profit facility for single-parent families), the Children’s Hospital and area schools.

“It was only supposed to be a one-off thing,” Hughes admits, “but I thought it was a really great idea, and it’s gotten a really great response.”

Through the end of December, bring your old comics or bargain-bin purchases to Sputnik, 3 South Broadway. Once the new year arrives, you’ll need to get in touch with Hughes personally at 720-937-0790 or [email protected]
Dec. 1-31, 2008

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