Comment of the day: "A campy (and not vomit-inducing) delight"

Ben Affleck has it all: Good looks, rugged charm, acting chops, uh... good looks. Of course, he's starred in some truly awful movies, but that's only because those movies weren't taking advantage of his true talent: directing. Because Ben Affleck is also an awesome director. That's what Tim Davids argued, anyway, in his post from last week where he speculated on how Ben Affleck might have made his own worst movies better. Reader Jessica Brick somewhat agrees, but when it comes to the terribly Gigli, she says, Ben Affleck is not necessarily what that movie needed.

Unfortunately, the direction of Gigli was for its cast what The Big Hit was for Mark Wahlberg: NO ONE TOLD THEM. The script, directed and edited properly, might possibly have been the campy delight it should have been. Gigli was, as everyone knows, the most horrific shitstorm to ever hit early-aughts theaters. I wouldn't have Affleck direct it, but watch it again, Tim Davids, and tell me it couldn't be made into a campy (and not vomit-inducing) delight.

Perhaps, perhaps. Personally, though, I'm going to go ahead and decline any invitation to watch that piece of crap ever again.

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