Comment of the day: "A little information can indeed be a dangerous thing"

Bobby Fischer was one of the greatest chess players of all time, and he was also one of the craziest -- not that he didn't have competition on both counts. In fact, the history of chess reveals a long legacy of crazy-ass chess masters, a legacy Thorin Klosowski took a look at last week in his breakdown of the

five weirdest chess masters


Reader Al responds with a comment so paranoid it reminds us of Bobby Fischer himself.

The amount of misreporting in this "article" reminds us that a little information can indeed be a dangerous thing -- especially in the hands of a blogger. I suppose that if you can't edit "publically,' you can't really be taken too seriously anyway.

Al, what the fuck are you talking about? First of all, no "reporting" went into this "article" -- it's simply an agglomeration of already-established facts. Secondly, it's an article about weird chess masters. What could possibly be dangerous about it? Third, what does your last sentence even mean?

Seriously, Al, are you Bobby Fischer? Be honest.

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