Comment of the day: An epic fight

Some people are bad winners. You know the kind: They win one thing and they get all gloaty and in-your-face and won't shut up with their stupid self-aggrandizement. You know, people like us. In our post yesterday about Denver Roller Dolls B-team Bruising Altitude's win over the Rat City Roller Girls in Seattle this weekend, we really rubbed it in -- and some readers thought we were being poor sports about it.

Just Me writes:

To be fair...I would not call it crushing as much as an epic fight. Both bouts were really tough and the RCRG teams played really well. In roller Derby 30 points could be a matter of 2 jams. Bruising Altitude has been working their butts off lately and the hard work really paid off. Seattle is a great league of skaters and it's great to know that DRD can hold their own against these athletes. It feels great to win but even better to know that you worked as a team, together to get that win! Well done Bruising Altitude!

And this one from Rat City Fan For Life:

We may have been "slapped like a bitch" but at least we are gracious enough to share our lawn and the 5,000 spectators that come along with it with such esteemed teams. we hold ourselves to pretty high standards in sportsmanship. too bad some journalists cannot seem to hold themselves to the same standards in reporting.

Good point, Just Me, but it sounds like someone's a sore loser.

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