Comment of the day: "Chris is making a smart move"

There's no denying that canv.as is pretty cool. Still in closed, invitation-only beta testing, the site is the latest project of 4chan founder, Christopher Poole, and it basically takes the meme-generating concept of /b/, 4chan's random board, and adds social networking and a whole lot of neat-o features -- but it'll never, we postulated in our review of the site last week, replace /b/. Reader Albortsuan agrees.

Though the idea of Canv.as replacing 4chan scares me a bit, I only see Canv.as taking off.. But not going too far. As your article states, pretty much ALL internet memes are born on the "Random" board or many of the various image boards on 4chan. After checking out Canv.as and sifting through the blog, I noticed a trend.. And I like it.

The whole 4chan community is gonna be pissed, or at least those who have called the site home. I see users switching over, but not a large a number of them including myself. However in my opinion, Chris is making a smart move by networking (from what I see) with popular social media sites and developing something that people of all ages can access and have fun with. I see if being successful to a point, but like you said.. It won't replace 4chan or have as great of an impact on the internet. I'm sure something will replace 4chan, but this is definitely not it.

Indeed, Albortsuan, it's nothing if not a smart move. Here's hoping moot starts making some money -- he certainly deserves to.

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