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Comment of the day: Connecting with the energy of the earth

Nothing makes a better target for ironic mockery than sincerity, and when it comes to sincerity, hippies -- with their happiness and their frolicking -- are a reliable go-to. Whatever you say about them, though, they clearly know how to have a good time; at least, hippie-sympathizing writer Amber Taufen certainly made Beltania, the four-day pagan Maypole festival last weekend, sound like a blast. In that regard, reader Joy concurs.

Great people, beautiful ceremony, connecting with the energy of the Earth, celebrating springtime, what could be better! This year was an incredible experience for me, it's such an amazing place that it feels like entering a whole different world of peace and beauty. And concerts under the stars to top it all off. It's like the best of a Celtic festival, a Ren Faire, Metaphysical Fair, and Lollapalooza rolled into one. So cool to see the new agers and Rainbow gathering people right there alongside the neo-Pagans and yoga practitioners and Native Americans and eco-spiritualists and goth kids, yuppies and hippies, babies and grandparents all as one tribe with the Maypole in the center.

Ah, Joy, if only our embitterment didn't prevent us from experiencing pleasure not derived from the misfortune of others.

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