Comment of the day: Don't judge the hair

Here's a little blast from the past: On the very first day we launched

Show and Tell

, we used some pics photographer Aaron Thackeray had snapped of a String Cheese show at Red Rocks and turned them into a post called

White People with Dreads: A Field Guide

. It didn't have much to do with race, other than the white people, but somewhat predictably, the comment section got turned into a culture war, and some ten months later, it's still quietly raging with 180 comments and counting. Here's one from an anonymous reader that rolled in just the other day.

It pisses me off that a harmless, funny article has made some people believe that just cus a white person has dreadlocks makes them culture hijackers, hippies, weed smokers, and dirty bums so everybody should hate white people with dreads. Stop holding back our worlds social progression and judge people based on their true intentions and personality rather than their fucking hair.

Good points, anonymous (if a little impassioned), but let's be honest: If you're a white person who has dreads, chances are pretty good you smoke weed.

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