Comment of the day: Get over it?

It's been over a decade since the Columbine High School shootings, but the wounds are still pretty raw for a lot of folks out there; certainly they are for the people of 13 Families, a documentary that looks at the coping process of the families who lost kids to the massacre. Earlier this week, we interviewed the three filmmakers of that documentary.

But they're not the only ones out there with some strong feelings, if this comment exchange between readers "Stan" and "UR MOM," is any indication.

From Stan:

Talk about clinging desperately to the past. Move on, already!!! Shootings like Columbine have happened all over the world, and yet many communities outside of the US have found ways to heal. Carrying on for over 10 years is a bit much.

UR MOM responds:

well lets just have someone murder your son or daughter n see how fast you "get over it" ur the biggest piece of shit ive heard from in awhile, why dnt you do the world a favor and run face first into a wood chipper. thank you. ASSHOLE

Yup, we pretty much felt the same way, UR MOM. Thanks for putting it into words for us.

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