Comment of the day: "Go f**k urselves"

After nearly four months of intense contention, the semi-coherent debate continues to rage over Bree Davies's assessment of the first episode of the MTV version of the popular U.K. series Skins, now drawing opinions from as far away, apparently, as Portugal. Yesterday, Portuguese reader (we're just kind of excited about that, really) Flanby threw in her two cents in one of the stranger comments we've gotten yet, laying a fairly reasonable point of view, and then somewhat incongruously concluding with "go f**k urselves."

Ok, I'm becoming tired of this. Can u stop plz?

Both shows are good and I think that season 1 of Skins US is better than Skins UK, but only that. I like both equally and the only thing that both have in common are some quotes and the beginning. US series is following a totally different path from UK series.

So, go f**k urselves with shit opinions, bunch of pussies.

PS: Sorry if I have some mistakes, I'm portuguese and stop with that.

Apology, uh, accepted... I guess.

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