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Comment of the day: "It's a f*cking furniture store in the suburbs"

Hipsters love IKEA. Actually, a lot of people that aren't hipsters love IKEA, too, such as suburban moms and young professionals, but IKEA has a special place in the heart of every hipster girl with a Volvo station wagon to buzz out to the burbs in and pack with ergonomic chairs, because the things IKEA sells are trendy, European and -- most of all -- inexpensive, so there'll still be some money left over for Anthropologie skirts and PBR tallboys, even on organic coffee shop wages. That's why we directed our post yesterday about IKEA's newer, sooner opening date toward hipsters in particular -- but reader Kansas_City_WHAT postulates it was because we don't know shit about hipsters.

Hipsters?? It's a fucking furniture store in the suburbs. Westword, you guys need to dial it down for a second and look at what you're putting out. If IKEA is a 'hipster' joint, then upscale parents nationwide would be wearing Toms and eating at Watercourse exclusively. This article is a joke.

Yeah, Kansas City, have you ever been to Watercourse? Upscale parents love Watercourse, and moms everywhere have been known to be all about Toms. Although hipsters would like to believe otherwise, just because hipsters like something does not mean that thing is exclusive to hipsters.

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