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Comment of the day: My review of this review

Measured scientifically, there is exactly one shitload of explosions in the trailer for Battle: Los Angles, making the pyrotechnics seemingly the primary reason for the film's whole existence. That's why I spotlighted the movie on Friday in my weekly trailer analysis "This week's most ridiculous Movie Trailer." According to reader MikeM's "review of this review," though, my profanity was just as ridiculous as blowing a shitload of stuff up.

It is "just" a movie!

And I suppose your review of it using foul language is not as showboating as the movie. I would bet you couldn't effectively review anything without the use of foul language.

Just sayn' in my review of this review :-)

Well, Mike, I accept your challenge, and I will... wait, do I win anything? Oh. Well in that case, fuck it.

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