Comment of the day: Our Lady of controversy

The Virgin of Guadalupe is such an icon of Mexican culture that it can be easy to forget that she's also an icon of Mexican Catholicism -- and religion and art seldom mix comfortably. That's somewhat the case with the Chicano Humanities and Arts Council's Frida Kahlo and other Superheroes show, opening tonight at CHAC gallery, which, along with Frida and a consortium of other Mexican cultural touchstones, brings Our Lady into the fold as a subject for artistic interpretation, creating a bit of contention. In our preview of the show yesterday, we noted that the juxtapostion of La Virgen with Frida Kahlo, an atheist, had led to some controversy among the ranks -- reader Rjmiera chimes into clarify what the fuss is all about.

It was not just the fact that Our Lady of Guadalupe would be shown with frida kahlo and the terrorist che, but the fact that CHAC would allow the Mother of God to be dishonored and made fun of. take a good look at the image you posted of "miss piggy" as guadalupe. this alone shows the lack of respect for not only Our Lady of Guadalupe, but for all who believe in Her. to openly mock her like this is an open insult to the catholic and hispanic community. and unfortunately, this is but one of several images. it has now become apparent that CHAC has lost all focus of what they were founded for and is in need of drastic change in leadership.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.