Comment of the day: The Brothers Grimm was out of Terry Gilliam's control

Old fairy tales have the potential for great movie fodder: They're cute and quaint at first blush, but beneath the surface -- especially in the originals, tend to nurse dark and disturbing undercurrents. That said, it's a shame major movie studios have such a knack for screwing them up. In honor of Red Riding Hood and Beastly, two recent awful fairy-tale adaptations, Robin Edwards took a look at some of Hollywood's most egregious fairy-tale turds, a list within which she included Terry Gilliam's bloated The Brothers Grimm. According to reader minnime15, though, it wasn't the director's fault, and it wasn't even that bad.

There are reasons that The Brothers Grimm was not what Terry Gilliam had in mind. It was out of his control and the movie execs had all the control and they were idiots. Read "Dreams and Nightmares" Its a book that was written about the making of The Brothers Grimm. Its amazing it ever got made at all. All that being said I happen to love the film. My only issue is with the special effects. That too was out of TG's control.

Well, no offense to Terry Gilliam, in that case, but rather offense to the idiot movie execs. Because that movie is terrible.

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