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Comment of the day: The end times

The end of the world is coming. It's hard to say when, unless you're evangelist Harold Camping, in which case you can feel pretty confident in saying that it's coming... oh, around Saturday. For a few months now, Camping's been touting his theory that the end times will arrive May 21 of this year, a prediction we made fun of in an overview of five failed end-of-the-world prophesies back in January. But ridiculous as putting an exact date on the end of the world may be, as the big day approaches, reader Robbay is still pretty sure it's coming.

Truth be told.. noone can EVER predict the second coming.. its said so in the bible... I don't think its going to happen on the 21st but for a fact I do know its coming soon.. so many signs are pointing to it!! I hope your prepared... bc apparently a life after christs return is the most miserable one you'll ever face...

Ha ha, can't be much worse than Harold Camping's teeth.

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