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Comment of the day: The sanctity of marriage

Apparently at a loss for other ways to deal with the scourge of homosexuality, the state of Tennessee resorted to the old Voldemort tactic of not speaking its name last week by banning discussion of it from classrooms -- luckily, gay activist George Takei has volunteered his own name in place of the word "gay," so everyone can be happy. After all, the sanctity of marriage is at stake. Or, as reader Truelibertarian points out, maybe not.

"homosexuals don't naturally reproduce." So very true. Homosexuals don't produce in that normal natural heterosexual sanctity-of-marriage-defending way like, say... Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Ka-zing, Truelibertarian! That guy's dick is like justice: It never sleeps. Although if Arnold had a hand in it, maybe they could reproduce.

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Jef Otte
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