Comment of the day: "Too creeped out to get out of the car"

Call me a sad shell of a human being with a withered capacity for imagination, and you would probably be right, but I don't believe in no ghosts. It just doesn't make any sense. But before I crap all over your good time with my "logic," suffice it to say that I felt no pang of the supernatural during my overnight stay at the famously haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park this weekend -- even still, reader Bryant Burnette is not comforted by my pragmatism. He does, however, agree that Stephen King's The Shining was terrible.

Man, I don't know -- I might be too creeped out to even get out of the car upon arriving at the Overlook ... pardon me, at the Stanley. It'd be awesome to visit at some point, though; that and Devil's Tower are probably two of the places the geek in me most wants to visit at some point.

I'm a big King fan, and a big Kubrick fan, too, and love both the novel and the movie. The miniseries, on the other hand, is indeed awful. I've got a King-centric blog, Ramblings of a Honk Mahfah (www.honkmahfah.blogspot.com), and one of the essays I intend to eventually post over there will be almost entirely about how awful that miniseries is (and, by extension, how great the novel and the movie are in their own separate ways)

Thanks, Bryant, and even though your comments are clearly a shameless plug for your own blog, we'll look forward to reading that one.

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