Comment of the day: "You don't have to believe in 'the scriptures'"

Glenn Beck may be crazier than Charlie Sheen, as I theorized yesterday in my post comparing the the two media darlings -- both have a rich history of saying wacky shit and both lost their jobs as a result -- but love him or hate him (and pretty much nobody's neutral), he never fails to elicit some strong opinions. Most fall along "you're a moron" or "I agree" party lines, and reader Shonnin Kuroji's commentary eventually gets there, but he does make some, uh, interesting points along the way.

The only problem is...Mr Beck has vary, vary rarely missed a prediction. He has always been clear about his own Christian viewpoint, but has also pointed out that you don't have to believe in "the scriptures" or biblical prophecy because enough people in places of power do believe enough to make it happen. Simply put I don't believe in the "end times" but I do believe in the self fulfilling prophecy, I guess that makes me insane like Beck. I just think it is sad that the liberals and radicals are powerful enough to assassinate the character of anyone that doesn't follow their party line.

Glenn Beck: Gesticulating end-is-near hobo on the street corner except with expensive suits and a larger audience, or legit seer? You decide.

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