Comment of the day: "Your ignorance is good for business"

Although, coming as it does from the hearsay of neighborhood kids, we sort of doubt the veracity of the claim that "Kids at the end of the cul-de-sac actually saw some prairie dogs on fire, running and screaming," as a recent Daily Camera story reported of a new device being used up there called the Rodenator, the image was too good for Kiernan Maletsky to pass up. On Friday he took a look at some other extravagant varmint killers (hint: entries necessarily include Carl Spackler). But in a comment on that post yesterday, a self-proclaimed representative of Rodenator Worldwide, reader Ed asserts we're being ignorant -- and then thanks us for it.

If you take a close look at the Rodenator you will see that it a very humane device for eliminating burrowing pest animals. The user of the device controls the mixture of propane to oxygen going down the tunnel system, so if the pests are coming out of the hole on fire, it is being used in the wrong way. The Rodenator kills the animals instantly; it does not burn them or suffocate them. This article is not telling the story accurately. Before you judge the Rodenator, educate yourself by visiting the website at rodenator.com. It is humane, and safe for the environment with no harmful poisons or chemicals being used. Death is instant according independent laboratory studies, would you rather the animal die a painful death by a steel trap, or a long painful death due to poisons? But if you must be ignorant about it, we thank you. The free press we are receiving from Boulder is making our phones ring off the hook and sending Rodenators out the door to a place near you. Thank you City of Boulder, your ignorance is good for business.
Rodenator Worldwide

Honestly, Ed, we think it's awesome either way.

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