Contest: Comment on this and get a four-pack of front row tickets to see Jo Koy

At most performances, a front row seat is the most desirable spot to be -- aside from marking your status as the best person to shank and rob after the show, it's also the best way to see the action. At a comedy show, though, it's a little different. Much like like the exit-row seat on an airplane, a front-row seat at a comedy show carries with it a very important, time-honored responsibility: You must be the heckler.

So if we're going to give you four front-row tickets to see Jo Koy's 8 p.m. show tomorrow at Comedy Works in Larimer Square, we're going to need to make sure you're up for the task. That said, here's how you can get 'em: Watch the video above. Then, in the comments section, tell us how you would heckle that bit if you were there for it. Example: "HEY IS THERE A GENIE IN YOUR HEAD, ASSHOLE? BECAUSE YOU KEEP RUBBING IT." It's cool. We're experts at this.

At any rate, best, funniest and/or most obnoxious answer wins.

Your deadline is noon tomorrow, and we'll contact you via email to let you know you won; since the show is tomorrow night, be prepared to do the legwork to get them from us. And make sure you leave a valid email address in the field -- we need to be able to get a hold of you. Promise we will never use your email for anything other than that.

No promises not to heckle your heckling, though.

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Jef Otte
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