Contest: Comment on this and get two free tickets to The Asylum

Because we at Show and Tell are secretly sadists, when it came time to feature some Denver haunted houses for Halloween, we sent out the reporter most terrified of them to do it. This week found Maggie Moody loitering around the parking lot of The Asylum -- and chickening out of actually going in.

Go ahead, have a chuckle at her. Now shut up. Because we've got a challenge for you: Here in our hands, we hold two shiny tickets to The Asylum, that same haunted house, and we're just giving them away. Have you the cajones to take them?

If so, there's a condition: You have to make it all the way though. What's that you say? No problem? Not so fast there, Usain Bolt, because there's also a consequence if you don't. The consequence is that you have to apologize to Maggie for your arrogance.

Because we're certain you're not going to make it all the way through, we're just going to accept your apology in advance. That said, here's the contest: Leave your apology to Maggie in the comments, and we'll award the tickets on that basis. Best apology wins.

"Best" will be determined in a completely subjective way by us. So that we can get a hold of you if you win, make sure to leave a valid email address in the comment field -- promise we will never spam you, give your email to anyone else or in all likelihood ever look at it again.

Even if you don't win, your apology is accepted.

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Jef Otte
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