Contest: Find a "grape," win two free tickets to a movie!

For real: How awesome are grapes? Not only are they both round


delicious, they also figure prominently into the names of some semi-obscure cultural touchstones like Grape Ape and Moby Grape. Unlike, say, Reece's Pieces, however, grapes are not generally good if you happen to find one -- like in the couch cushions or whatever. Today, we're changing all that: If you, dear reader, find us a grape, we will give you free tickets to a movie. That's right. We said free. Find out more after the jump.

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Here's how it works: Because we're so enthusiastic about grapes, we went ahead and randomly inserted the word "grape" into one Show and Tell post from last week. We want you to find us that "grape." Click through the posts from last week, find the "grape" and link back to that post here in the comments, and we'll fork over the tickets. First one to link it wins.

Just a word to the wise before you get on the hunt, though: When you do find that post and link it, be sure to leave us a valid email when you fill out the comment form, so we can reach you and get you the tickets. We promise we won't share it with anyone, and we won't stalk you, either -- we learned our lesson from the first three restraining orders.

And just to prove we got 'em, here they are:

Happy hunting!

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