CORE artist Claudia Roulier accepted to 2012 Cherry Creek Arts Festival

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Claudia Roulier's work is showing at CORE New Art Space this month through January 20, but that's not all she's excited about. "I just read my e-mail, and I've been selected as one of the artists in the Cherry Creek Arts Festival," she says. "Only about twenty to thirty Colorado artists are accepted every year, so this is a pretty big deal for me."

Roulier's acceptance into the mixed-media category marks the second time she's shown at the festival, even though she's applied several times and been denied. "I've wanted to go back ever since I showed about five years ago," she explains. "You didn't have to leave your booth to go find anything. They treat you so nice there. There's a breakfast, if you get there early enough, and they even came around with candy bars and bottles of water. I was in the Denver Arts Festival, and that wasn't true there."

Festival life can be a nomadic one; many artists make a living traveling around the county showing at festivals like Cherry Creek's all summer. That lifestyle doesn't suit Roulier, but she enjoys doing local shows when she can. "It costs a lot of your own out-of-pocket money to get your own booth," she says. "But since I've done it once before, I know what it takes and what to expect, and I'm confident that I can sell stuff."

Aside from getting ready for the festival, Roulier is also preparing for the official opening of the CORE Members Show, on January 20. "My stuff has been up since New Year's, but the opening comes later," she explains. "There were some spots open when Lola Montejo opened her show at the beginning of the month, and they needed three-dimensional pieces on the floor, so I set up early."

The pieces are mixed-media assemblages and follow a dark yet playful theme that Roulier says she likes to experiment with often. "A lot of times with my 3-D work, I like working with what either what has been or what could be," she says. "And I have a lot of urban decay. Or rust. I find that stuff kind of beautiful. It's completely different."

Roulier's themes will certainly be present at CCAF, and although she says there are many good art festivals to show in, she's most excited about this one. "It's one of the premier art festival in the whole United States, and it has a stellar reputation. People go there expecting to find really good art and are looking to buy really good art. It's so hard to get in to that you always feel sort of special."

To view more of Roulier's work, visit her website or CORE New Art Space. To learn more about the 2012 Cherry Creek Arts Festival lineup, visit www.cherryarts.org.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.