Craftin' Carnival: A brave new world of local crafters

We love Denver's crafty DIY spirit and think there's always room for more. So strong is that enthusiasm here that it's experienced an enormous trickle-down. More and more people are thinking about ways to recycle old materials into new gifts, create new urban looks or channel timeless pastimes to fit modern sensibilities. And because our town is a veritable beehive of crafty goings-on, we have to like the spirit of this past weekend's Craftin' Carnival, which uniquely gave equal time to Colorado craft-show newbies and old hands alike, showcasing everything from artwork by homeless kids to hand-stitched whimsies. Here are a few of our favorite vendors.

Kristin Dell'Orso of Ninth Circle Photography, also one of the show's organizers, showed off her work, including this image she's posing with, which recently took an Honorable Mention in tbellphotographic's "Is This How I Look" show.

Mother/daughter team Brooke Moulton and Linda Knappenberger are the busy hands behind Curious Lottie's Fancy Crafts, and their wee, adorable kid clothes, rag dolls and creatures of the wild, all made from scraps and embellishments, will break your heart with sheer cuteness. Ricardo Cozzolino and Denise Teele make WTS Creatures, which are related more to the Uglydoll line of stuffed adorables, as opposed to those which hark back to kinder, gentler times. Here's Ricardo babysitting all the little monsters, some small enough to fit in a little coat pocket. Sarah Austin's SailorMade Goods reimagine a trove of vintage images and ephemera, all looking especially sweet in frames, with embroidered details. And we cannot tell a lie: She is engaged to Show and Tell blogger Colin Bane, but we would have liked her anyway. Visit her Etsy shop to see more. One of our favorite local designers, Frances Roces, had a couple of fun racks of his Amerasian-style Kimono Dragons creations on display. Each is one-of-a-kind, playful and expertly sewn. And what to put on underneath it all? Theda Bara Vintage Lingerie gave us a few silky, soft and sensuous ideas. Follow us on Twitter!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.